Lamijet Breva

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The design of Lamijet Breva is the synthesis of technical knowledge acquired through years of design and construction of furnaces. The peculiarity of this system is the speed of laminating and the possibility to laminate PVB without using the autoclave, which allows to quickly meeting any production requirement. With the new technology applied to Lamijet breva cycle times can be reduced by 100%. This oven is suitable for those customers who do not have high productive capacity but however want to keep an adequate production.

Key features:

+ Manufactured in strong electro-welded metallic frame, sandblasted and painted by epoxy enamel;

+ Supporting table in Teflon mesh;

+ Electric heating system;

+ Maximum temperature uniformity 2°C;

+ Temperature control on independent zones;

+ Temperature adjustment by thermocouple connected to a digital controller;

+ Supervision and process control panel;

+ Vacuum circuit by high efficiency oil pump;

+ Possibility of vacuum adjustment in according to the types of materials

+ Air/water cooling system;

+ Possibility to laminate flat glass for a maximum thickness of 30 mm;

+ Loading/unloading table made of electrowelded tubular frame, sandblasted and painted with epoxy enamel;

+ Steel rolls, galvanized and PVC covered;

+ Rollers drive by gear motor;

+ Position photo-cell for glass loading and unloading.

 Cycle times:

+ 3+3 in 15 minutes;

+ 4+4 in 19 minutes;

+ 5+5 in 20 minutes;

+ 6+6 in 30 minutes;

+ 8+8 in 40 minutes;

+ 10+10 in 50 minutes.

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