Laminating ovens for EVA PVB and SentryGlas

TK s.r.l. is specialized in the design and construction of ovens for the lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and heat soaking of glass

TK furnaces for laminating glass are divided into two different types:

1. Convection heating | Lamijet Convection
– Possibility of laminating EVA – PVB – SentryGlas without autoclave
– High flow rate hot air circulation heating system
– Rapid cooling system with fresh air circulation
– Maximum temperature uniformity with thermocouple control
– Vacuum circuit with highly efficient oil pumps
– Possibility to adjust the vacuum based on the type of materials
– Available in various sizes

2. Infrared heating| Lamijet

– Possibility of laminating EVA 
– Heaters supports with ceramic insulators
– Heaters placed above and below the working surface
– Vacuum circuits with high efficient and high capacity oil pumps (one for each working plane) for maximum process efficiency
– Available in various sizes and with one or more processing chambers