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TK Master Temper - forno di tempra termica del vetro per alti volumi produttivi

TK Master Temper

The non-plus-ultra of glass tempering ovens

Ideal hardening kiln to meet high production requirements

Master Temper oscillating kilns cover a size range to meet any production requirement, with glass sizes from 1300 to 3300 mm. The plants are equipped with all process control technologies in order to guarantee the highest quality at all times.


  • Large dimensions
  • High flexibility
  • High production performance


  • Hot air convection directly in the heating chamber
  • Hot air pre-heating chamber
  • Fused silica ceramic rollers
  • Movement of ceramic rollers with double belts
  • Each individual zone has its own thermocouple connected to the control microprocessor, which in turn is interfaced with the process PLC
  • Set-point, PID parameters, alarms and power percentage can be set for each zone
  • All data are stored in the recipe and can be retrieved directly by the operator
  • All data is password-protected
  • The heating power is controlled by SCRs connected to the process PLC. Depending on the temperature trend inside the oven and the set management parameters, the SCRs modulate the output by sending more or less power to the heating elements

TK Master Temper: i vantaggi

Resistance type
Reduced installation time
Coatings with very high thermal protection
High-tech insulators
User-friendly software
Engine type
Roller pitch
Fan speed
Upper zone equal to lower zone

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